About The Original Hip-Hop Chef

Hip Hop Chef® is a brand and concept created, founded and trademarked by Tye Atkins, a celebrity chef professional.

He is well known by the Hip-Hop and Entertainment Industry as the Original Hip-Hop Chef a.k.a. Hip Hop Chef® Cookin' Tye.

He is known for his swag, hip-hop dishes and unique and original recipes like "Free Style Fried Chicken," “Microphone Check Mac & Cheese,” "Money Hungry Collard Greens" and “Hip-Hop Chef Tye 5-10 Stir Fry".

On the music end, the Hip-Hop Chef gets his hands dirty in cookin' up beats and rhymes for his theme songs . He participates in the promotion of independent music artist. He also manages the Hip-Hop Chef brand and Dj Chris J.

Dedicated to the Hip-Hop culture and the elements of Hip-Hop, Chef Tye educated himself on the history with pioneer and icon Chief Rocker Busy Bee.

Although the Hip-Hop Chef participates in DJ'ing, producing beats, and writing rhymes, he is very passionate about his cooking and with rap music, (whether it be new school or old school).

Over the years, Hip-Hop Chef Cookin' Tye has prepared dishes and catered for major artists, celebrities, record label, management companies and brands like Russell Simmons, Chief Rocker Busy Bee, LL Cool J, Kevin Liles, T.I., Coach K Management, Young Jeezy, Anthony Anderson, Carmello Anthony, Bun B., and Chris Thomas (The Mayor of Rap City) .

The Hip-Hop Chef supports being a role model to the youth of tomorrow and once a month, he's active in feeding the needy and homeless. Gaining notoriety for his brand and cooking the Hip-Hop Chef has been featured in Hip-Hop Weekly, XXL, King, and BET, just to name a few. Paul Wall quotes in XXL Magazine 2003, “It's good we got our own Chef that caters to the Hip-Hop and Entertainment Industry.”